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Waa Gwaan!
Waa Gwaan!

Green Tea Ginseng Honey Lemon

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Green tea, ginseng, honey & lemon A striking combination of flavours that is smooth and mellow, and has been chosen with great care to be easy on the taste buds and still provide a mild kick. A well-known aid to relaxation green tea is an immensely popular herbal beverage in Europe but we have given it a unique new lease of life by infusing it with the zest of lemon and the tang of honey, two golden ingredients that bring a decided sweetness to the blend as well as greatly upping the Vitamin C content.

Ginseng gives the taste buds yet another source of stimulus but, crucially, brings to the tea one of the most celebrated forms of medicinal herb to be found in the Orient. Over the millennia it has been used to treat a whole range of health problems, anything from depression and nausea to vomiting and basic chest complaints.

Whether or not a medical condition can be alleviated by ginseng it is generally seen as an essential substance to enable the stressed individual to achieve a certain well-being, and the herb is thought to be one of the timeless 'old school' remedies that successive generations, from grandparents to their grandchildren, would swear by. Hence our imaginative blend of ingredients creates an ideal beverage that will restore calm to the busiest of lives as well as giving the senses a wonderful experience through a unique taste and texture.