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Waa Gwaan!
Waa Gwaan!



Welcome to Made In Jamaica Ltd. (MIJ), where we celebrate and promote Jamaica's rich culture, heritage, and talents. Our mission is to connect the diaspora worldwide with Jamaica's unique and vibrant essence through high-quality products and services – from “Jamaica and abroad” – that reflect our island's spirit. Approximately 3 million Jamaicans live outside Jamaica, primarily in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and other parts of the globe, playing a crucial role in cultural exchange, remittances, and global Jamaican identity.


Simone Robinson

Born in Kingston but grew up in Clarendon, Jamaica, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery that took her from corporate finance to cosmetology. After graduating from college and working in the corporate world, Simone followed her passion for beauty and creative expression by becoming a cosmetologist. She established her own business, providing personalized beauty experiences. With a solid connection to her Jamaican heritage, Simone created the "Made in Jamaica Ltd." brand to promote Jamaica's rich culture worldwide. As a proud member of the Jamaican diaspora, her goal is to bring together people, places, and products connected to Jamaica. Simone honors Jamaica's lively culture, hospitable people, and stunning natural beauty through the "Made in Jamaica Ltd." brand, proudly representing her homeland with each product carrying the "Made in Jamaica” label.

Adisa "AJ" Aiyetoro

As the CEO of Made In Jamaica Ltd., Adisa brings a wealth of experience and passion to the organization. A proud Jamaican and diaspora member, Adisa has dedicated his life to promoting Jamaican culture and empowering communities. Born in Clarendon, Jamaica, where he attended Clarendon College, Adisa's diverse background includes roles as the CEO of Big Chunez Radio, co-founder and President of Caribbean Connection Alaska, Founder and CEO of Travel With Jah – A Travel Agency, International Logistics Manager for the Department of Defense, and a Retired Officer of the U.S. Army. He is also a Ph.D. candidate, demonstrating his commitment to continuous learning and leadership. With over 20 years of military service and leadership roles in various non-profit organizations, Adisa is committed to driving Made In Jamaica Ltd. toward greater heights. His vision is to create a global platform showcasing Jamaica's best, from its products to its people.


At Made In Jamaica Ltd., we are more than just a business; we are a movement. We believe in the power of Jamaican creativity, resilience, and innovation. Our vision is to be the premier destination for Jamaican products – from “Jamaica and abroad” – and experiences offering the global market a taste of our island's beauty and vibrancy. 


We are committed to ethical practices, transparency, sustainable development, and community empowerment for ALL Jamaicans – at home and throughout the diaspora. By partnering with local and international Jamaican artisans, farmers, and entrepreneurs, we ensure that every product we offer accurately represents Jamaican excellence. We take pride in our heritage and strive to positively impact the lives of those we serve.


We invite you to join us and our “One Love” spirit on this exciting journey as we bring the spirit of Jamaica to the world. Together, we can celebrate our culture, support our communities, and create a brighter future for future generations.

“We are Made In Jamaica and We Love It”