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Waa Gwaan!
Waa Gwaan!

Lemon Lime & Pineapple Tea

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Lemon Lime & Pineapple Tea

Lemon, lime & pineapple Freshen up with this dynamic 'three way' citrus explosion that tastes as good as one might expect and also, if you are deprived of the Caribbean sunshine in the middle of winter, helps to shore up your defences by giving a substantial vitamin C boost.

All three fruits can significantly facilitate the absorption of iron into the body and thus increase your strength. But lime, in particular, can also improve well being because of its potent soothing properties, above all an ability to reduce the intensity of headaches and provide much needed relief for anybody suffering from other minor complaints such as catarrh and generally raise energy levels when one is run down.

Lemon works in a similar way and is tremendously effective in clearing a blocked nose, sore throat and the general feeling of stuffiness that often accompanies the worst of cases of flu. Needless to say the freshness and zest that are associated with the fruit act can act as a boost to any flagging spirit, particularly in the midst of a particularly sharp drop in temperature during the arduous winter months.

However, even if one doesn't use this tea as a tonic it provides an absolutely gorgeous blend of flavours that is guaranteed to put a very big smile on your face. Together the three fruits create an intense tingling sensation that lingers long after the last sip. What makes the tea very appealing is the natural zest of the citrus, so bright and sharp it is guaranteed to pep you up in those moments when you feel the need for a little lift. In addition to the central ingredients there are green tea fannings, which count towards the recommended daily intake of greens as well as bringing a distinct smoothness to the flavour of the blend. A delight in more ways than one.