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Waa Gwaan!
Waa Gwaan!

Coconut Pinapple

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Coconut & pineapple Two tropical fruits that are synonymous with the Caribbean are brought together to produce a tea that is both delicious and nutritious. Each ingredient has an enticingly tangy aroma that makes the tea a kind of 'hot cocktail.' Coconut is part of the staple diet people all over the Caribbean, where the fruit is prized for its protein rich and jelly and water that has a tonic-like quality. Pineapple also has a very wide range of notable benefits. Chief among them is the high vitamin C content that enhances the immune system all the wile proving to be both energizing and refreshing.

Even more impressive is the fact that pineapple is rich in bromelain, the enzyme that helps to reduce the kind of painful swelling of the joints that is often a result of the onset of rheumatoid arthritis, a very common ailment, particularly in older people.

This blend is thus recommended for anybody who wants to keep supple and maybe needs something restorative for the body if they partake of fairly strenuous, high impact activities such as athletics, football or rugby.

Hence those who have sadly suffered any long-term sports injuries or are simply entering that time of life when the limbs are liable to ache a little more may find themselves significantly buoyed by this tea. Immensely popular in both food and drink pineapple has a generally positive impact on the body, and acts as an informal but highly effective agent of good skin care.

Let's not forget that its sweet but light taste can significantly combat a tickly cough and bring much needed relief to the kind of sore throat and general oral irritation that often besets people during a harsh winter. Our coconut and pineapple tea is thus as much a 'comfort drink' as it is a pick-me-up that will fully revive any flagging spirit.